Fall 2004 - Patient Newsletter

Hats Off to Our Patients

When the OCC staff talks with patients who are considering gastric bypass surgery, we invariably stress that those who keep weight off years after surgery are really working very hard. They're working hard at monitoring eating patterns and food choices. Forever. And they're continuously adapting to the ever-changing stressors that are part of life so that they don't revert to old patterns that led to weight gain.

There are as many approaches to this struggle as there are people who have had gastric bypass surgery. There is no single strategy appropriate for all. Each person needs to find a way of life that works best for him or her. However, many of you have adopted strategies that have worked for others. You can hear about these strategies in the OCC large and small group meetings, or from OCC staff. But now you have another source: The OCC Gastric Bypass Newsletter.

This is a newsletter for the patients, of the patients, by the patients. Anyone who has ever attended our support group meetings knows that you the patients can better express than any provider the struggles, and the solutions to those struggles, that come after gastric bypass. Through this newsletter, we hope that you will find helpful ideas, and will feel even more a part of the OCC gastric bypass community.

Hats off to you, our patients, who have taken the initiative to help yourselves in a way we never could.

Edward Saltzman, MD
Obesity Consult Center


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