Obesity Consult Center Services

Behavioral Health Services

  • An initial 2- or 3-session evaluation is required for all patients
  • Personalized individual behavioral health sessions to achieve and maintain healthier habits
  • A variety of optional group treatments are available, including:
    • basic and advanced weight loss skills
    • groups for patients after weight loss surgery

Medical Consultation and Follow-up Care

  • An initial medical consultation is required for all patients
  • OCC internists will review your medical and weight history to determine if further evaluation or testing is needed
  • OCC internists coordinate the use of weight loss medications and specialized diets
  • Supervision of patients with medical problems such as diabetes or hypertension during weight loss
  • Metabolic rate testing, if indicated

Nutrition Counseling

  • Our registered dietitians are experts in obesity treatment with dual emphasis on diet and lifestyle changes
  • Individual lifestyle and dietary counseling and meal plan development
  • Group counseling
  • Very Low Calorie Diets — liquid diets for use in the short-term to accelerate weight loss

Surgical Consultation and Follow-up Care

  • The Center for Minimally Invasive Obesity Surgery
  • All patients desiring surgery must meet a surgeon for an in-depth discussion of surgery
  • OCC surgeons are experts whose careers are devoted to weight loss surgery
  • OCC surgeons will discuss if, how, and when an operation can be offered
  • Most weight loss surgeries at Tufts-New England Medical Center are performed laparoscopically
  • OCC surgeons recognize the need for long-term follow-up and surgery is just the beginning of a long relationship with your surgeon — your surgeon will follow you for life

Physical Activity for Life Education Lecture Series

  • This is a required part of the surgical program
  • Weekly educational lecture series covers lifestyle intervention strategies for the “at risk” cardiac and obese patient, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strengthening and other fitness issues for our pre- and post-op patients.
  • $400 fee for patients desiring weight loss surgery — is not covered by medical insurance

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