Winter 2004 - Patient Newsletter

Friends of WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) Gatherings

Friends of WLS Gatherings started as a simple idea to get a bunch of people together that always chatted or posted to each other on   In October 2002, the first of these gatherings took place in Hershey, PA and 40 people that were on spotlighthealth finally got to meet. These gatherings were meant for us to have a place to get the support we all need.  We are all connected by having WLS, but even more than that we all have an understanding of what we have gone through in our lives. 

Our stories may all be different, but there is a familiar ring to them when we hear each other’s story.  As much as our stories are different, what we get out of these weekends is just as different.  Some come just to meet others that know what they have gone through, some come to relax, some come to party and some come to do all three.  Whatever your reason for attending the weekend I hope you make the most of it and come away with the overwhelming feeling of not being alone and that there are people that understand the road you are on. 

There is another gathering of Friends of WLS being planned for April 1-3, 2005 in Boston, more details to be in next newsletter, or if you want to be placed on a mailing list please email Marie.

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